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Why outsource to COPAC Payroll?
Save time, money, energy, and increase your productivity:

COPAC Payroll collects and pays your taxes accurately and on time. Every employer is an unpaid tax collector who must collect and pay taxes on time and in accordance with established rules and regulations in order to avoid annoying tax notices, time-consuming correspondence, and costly penalties.

Our automated payroll is guaranteed accurate or you pay nothing. Our proven automated system calculates payroll fast and accurately. It's our specialty. Manual payroll preparation is an error waiting to happen, the sheer volume of calculations guarantees it. Automation means you won't subject your business to unnecessary risks.

Timely, consistent payroll preparation improves morale.
Nothing detracts from employee performance faster than a late or missed payroll. COPAC Payroll's timely payroll delivery helps you maintain the stability of your business and avoid costly distractions.

Keep your payroll confidential. Outsourcing your payroll helps keep critical information confidential.

You benefit immediately through:

  • Improved employee morale
  • Higher levels of employee satisfaction
  • Fewer complaints and work slowdowns
  • Lower cost for payroll preparation

Consistent and reliable accounting procedures could help you avoid an audit. Inconsistencies in accounting and payroll procedures may invite an audit. COPAC Payroll's reliable, cost-effective accounting services contribute to your security and peace of mind.

Business Benefits
Increase payroll efficiency

Improve business stability

Confidential information

Lower payroll costs

Avoid penalties

Avoid uneeded risks

Peace of mind

Employee Benefits
Accurate, timely payroll

Performance based benefits

Higher employee morale

Higher satisfaction rate

Fewer complaints

Lower employee turnover

Accurate reports make payroll to payroll comparisons easy and provide you with invaluable analytical insights.
  • Stop paying for needless overtime.
  • Reduce labor turnover.
  • Don't pay more than necessary for benefits.
Use Your Valuable Time
to market products and make sales.

Contact COPAC
to find out how
you can save time
and costs.

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