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COPAC Payroll: Complete Payroll Accounting
We Make Your Life Easier

COPAC Payroll is dedicated to removing the burden of payroll from the Colorado business community at the lowest possible cost. We guarantee your payroll tax deposits are made on time or we pay the penalty and the interest.

Impressive Track Record
Copac Payroll has been in business since 1974, and our accomplished data entry operators are among the fastest and most accurate available anywhere. Many of our clients have been with us for 20 years or more and that says a lot.

Reduce Hidden Costs
We can help you retain key employees, motivate staff, and reduce benefit costs.

COPAC Payroll output and reports will allow you to:

  • Track labor costs and employee turnover
  • Select cost-effective fringe benefits
  • Offer employees incentives, deferred compensation retirement plans, and reduced cost vacation plans

Proven Methods Designed For Small Business
Focus on making sales. Let Copac Payroll handle the vital but repetitive and time consuming tasks involved with payroll and employee benefits, including vacation, retirement, and incentives.

We are set up to run payroll fast and efficiently to save you money.

In the year of 1974

Client Focus
Locally owned and operated businesses: Colorado, adjacent states

Small to medium-size firms with fewer than 100 employees

Quarterly Reports
Annual Reports

Vacation Plans
401k Plans
Deferred Compensation
Tax Considerations

Accurate, consistent, signature ready output
Proven, reliable, procedures

Friendly, experienced customer service

Representatives identify your needs, answer your questions

Find out
how you can save
costs while improving employee satisfaction
and performance.

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