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Tax Considerations

Your tax obligations as an employer can be handled efficiently by COPAC Payroll. Under government rules you are obligated to collect and pay taxes. This is a vital but costly and time consuming function best handled by experts.

Tax collections, tax deposit requirements, quarterly reporting, and other compliance related matters can invite an IRS audit. The payroll accounting burden imposed on your business is staggering. You must collect and pay 3 federal taxes, 2 Colorado taxes, and frequently a municipal tax:

  • Social Security
  • Federal Withholding
  • Federal Unemployment
  • Colorado Withholding
  • Colorado Unemployment
  • Denver Occupational Privilege Tax (OPT)
  • Greenwood Village OPT
  • Glendale OPT
  • Aurora OPT

Employer obligations have grown proportionately consuming more and more of your work week and resulting in lost productivity. Not only must you pay half the employees tax yourself but are required to:

  • Collect the tax
  • Pay the tax on time
  • Report it quarterly
  • Expensive penalties, endless correspondence, and headaches if you fail to comply

Locally owned and operated small companies are at a distinct disadvantage in meeting their tax obligations because of a lack of resources. COPAC Payroll let's you level the playing field. We relieve you of these time consuming functions so you can focus more of your energy on making sales and developing new products.

FICA Tax Increase
1974: 5.85% on
first $13,200 of earnings
2005: 7.65% on
first $90,000 of earnings

Find out how you can save costs while improving employee satisfaction and performance.

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