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COPAC Payroll Services

All reports and registers
are completely and accurately prepared and delivered to you ready for your review and signature.
  • Checks and check stubs
  • Complete check register
  • Deductions and Benefits register
  • Direct deposits to employee accounts
  • Checks signed (if desired)
  • Payroll taxes deposited

Additional reports available include:

  • Worker compensation assistance report
  • Employee ledger report
  • Packaging your payroll and delivery

  • Quarterly Reports
    941 Federal Tax Return
    Colorado UITR Wage List

    941 B if applicable
    UITR Summary Report: Colorado

    Quarterly tax deposits

    Annual Reports
    W-2 Statements

    W-3 Summary of W-2 statements

    940 Federal Unemployment Report

    W-2 Statements

    Colorado DR109 Report

    1099 Report of Subcontractor Payments

    1096 Summary of 1099 Returns

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