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401k Plan/ Deferred Compensation

Encourage savings and defer taxes
A 401k plan is a self directed, pre-tax, employee savings and investment program based on gross income before withholding taxes.

  • Employees are encouraged to save tax deferred money
  • Employees can be responsible for their own retirement

Attract the best
Good 401k plans attract intelligent hard working employees. Top notch employees want to be responsible for their own retirement. 401k's empower your employees, reduce your fiduciary responsibility, and limit your exposure to legal hassles.

Popular because it saves time and money
401k's have experienced explosive growth in the last decade. They save you money, reduce your responsibilities and administrative and regulatory burdens.

A non-discriminatory benefit
Lower paid employees benefit as much as higher paid folks. Employees can track how their accounts are doing. You must keep participants informed about the plan and notify all those who are eligible to participate.

COPAC Payroll makes documentation a snap
You can choose individually drafted plan documents or prototype documents. Individual documents are more flexible but cost more. COPAC Payroll will help you determine eligibility requirements, contribution types, vesting rules, and distribution provisions.

Investment management

Plan administration
Participant record keeping

Participant communications
Participants can choose from several professionally managed portfolios: mutual funds, conservative bond funds to aggressive equity funds.

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